Veena some Pottery in 2013

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I took a woodblock printing workshop in the summer, and thought I would share the results of my efforts. It was interesting, but I am more drawn to pottery and painting. As always, I would appreciate any comments. Veena

Light and Shadows


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Carved Porcelain Jar

large textured stoneware platter

Stoneware platter with brushwork design

Porcelain Bowl with altered rim and golden glaze

carved porcelain pot with carved blossoms

porcelain vase with applied sculpted lilies

Glossy black mug

large stoneware mug

little porcelain dish with carved painted fish

Bowl with melded glazes

stoneware platter with in glaze design

I have been remiss in updating my blog with more work. But as 2011 comes to an end, I am adding some new pieces and some pieces I did not include before. As always, any comments would be welcome. Veena

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This gallery contains 22 photos.

I am a potter, who works in porcelain and stone- ware. My work is both decorative and functional. Many of my porcelain pieces are intricately carved and some have sculpted attachments. I will add to this blog whenever I have … Continue reading

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